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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is this just a pot tournament that anyone can fish?

A. Yes.  This is not a club of any kind.  It's simply a pot tournament.  However, please read about us as well as rules and general information to gain a better understanding of the trail.

Q.It says Allatoona Team Trail, can I fish alone if I don't have partner sometimes?

A. Yes

Q.Can I fish on a non bass boat (like pontoon, center console, ski boat, etc.)?

A.Yes, as long as you observe all the rules/regulations of ours and the Corps of Engineer's and as long as you have good working live well.  No fishing from the bank.

Q.I keep hearing about this side-bet pot, what is it?

A.It's an optional side-bet where you put $10 in a separate pot from the normal entry fee (you can choose to do or not to do this at the sign in).  The participated team that has the highest weight wins the whole pot.  This was very popular in the last few years.  If you don't enter the side-bet pot but win the tournament, you don't win this pot.  You just win the regular tournament.

Q.What are some of the highlights or changes of this year rules and/or general info?

A.Here are some of them:

The payout is capped at 5 places this year. This allows for more for the top 5 each nights. There will still be gifts, gifts certificates, etc. for other qualified places. You can ask the directors to see the payout schedule if you wish.

 Most rules stay the same. If you don't understand any of the rules after reading the rules please contact the directors.

PRE-PAY (pay all entry fees for the year up front) is allowed this year but slots are limited. PRE-PAY allows you to be in the first flight. However, first flight is limited to 15 boats including the sponsors (see Sponsorship Provisional ), last year's team of the year, and the PRE-PAY teams. If first flight is full (15) you can still PRE-PAY and guarantee for the next flight. Contact the directors or the DUGOUT

The classic:

will be a night tournament.  See schedules for dates or details:

Entry fee for the classic will be $40 per team (for big fish).

The top 25 teams will be eligible to fish the classic.  All teams that fish at least 80% of the tournaments but do not make the top 25 are also qualified to fish the classic but with entry fee of $125 (plus $40 for big fish).

The director teams will be in the classic automatically regardless of where they are on the standing.

Why do you highlight or stress the first rule (Sportsmanship)?

This is a public lake shared by all.  So courtesy, sportsmanship, and safety are very important.  Corps of Engineers can shut down any tournament anytime if the tournament fishermen are trouble makers and are not good lake citizens.

Why do you change directors every now and then?

This is a pot tournament.  Directors come and go from the beginning (since around late 80s) for various reasons.  When one leaves, anyone can volunteer to be a director.  Lots of others will always volunteer to help out as best they can.  The director, however, has the final says on all matters – as it always is and as it always should be.  We all will give full support to any director as long as it's in the best interest of fishermen, local communities, and environment.

What's the penalty for dead fish?

Though we encourage all to take good care of fish and hope for no dead fish, in summer it's inevitable.  Only one dead fish is allowed with a 0.5 lbs pound penalty.  If you bring 2 dead fish to the scale you will be disqualified for thatevent (which means you will not get the 1 lbs point for fishing either).

Can I keep the fish after the weigh-in?

NO.  All fish must be released.  Exception can be made for trophy fish.  And NO, a 12.25-inch bass is NOT a trophy fish!  Check with the director if you’d like to keep a big one.

So what’s with the fishermen attractant anyway (not that I want you to do away with it)?

Well, it was an accident but it was a hit. When the trail started taking pictures of the winners to put on both the hard copy of the standing and the internet just for fun and for some recognition, on one Monday tournament the winners left too early and the trail got no picture. So it was decided to just put a picture of a pleasant looking attractant up as a place holder instead. Well, the following week everyone demanded that the trail kept that up. So we did. We can’t stop or take them off now due to high degrees of threats we’ve received from almost all anglers.

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